Farm up with Koudijs! First tutorial on farrowing management

17 November 2021
2 minutes

The Koudijs team of nutrition and farming specialists have teamed up to share their experience and knowledge. To support you to put the Koudijs concentrates and special feeds to good use and get more profit out of your farm. We bring handy tips and things to look out for in an easily digestible format of short films- called Farm- up with Koudijs!

The first video zooms in on pig farming and talks about good farrowing management: 

  • What and how to feed and look after your sows for them to have optimal, sustainable milk production
  • What to look out for in the farrowing pen and the birthing process of the sow
  • How to keep your piglets healthy and alive during the farrowing period.

Check out how good Farrowing management can help you raise vital and healthy piglets.


Farrowing management