Piglets intestines grow 14 centimeters a day

31 January 2022
4 minutes

Piglets need feed to grow in size and to develop their organs. The intestines of piglets grow from 4 to 15 meters in length in 11 weeks. Therefore, the intake of creep feed is important to ensure optimal intestinal growth of more than 14 centimeters per day. Piglets' intestines are sensitive. The period immediately after weaning is especially critical. If diarrhea develops in the first week after weaning, our experience teaches us that feed is the cause in half of the cases. If diarrhea develops three weeks after weaning, infections are the cause in approximately 90 percent of the cases and feed only in around 10 percent of the cases.

Anti-nutritional factors

Certain substances in feeds for piglets up to 16 kg should be avoided as much as possible. These substances, which occur naturally in vegetable raw materials, are called Anti Nutritional Factors. These ANFs can directly cause inflammation in the gut. As a result, the intestinal wall is damaged and the barrier between the intestine and the bloodstream falls away.

The immune system must work very hard to keep animals healthy and weaning diarrhea is lurking. In addition, ANFs make nutrients less easily digestible. An example is unprocessed soy flour. This has the best protein profile for young piglets, but it is high in ANFs and therefore difficult for young piglets to digest.

Equipped with this knowledge Koudijs has developed creep feeds where the best protein sources are selected and treated to protect the piglets intestines.

Alternative protein sources for healthy growth

Koudijs uses a high proportion of dairy products in its feeds for young piglets. Dairy is tasty and easily digestible for young piglets. In addition, an alternative soy product is used in which the ANFs of soy flour have largely been broken down via an enzymatic treatment process.

In piglets, which are fed with as few ANFs as possible up to 16 kg in weight, the intestines develop better and intestinal health reaches a higher level. This benefits them and you as a farmer throughout their lives, allowing them to devote more energy and protein towards growth. Resulting in more efficient production.

nvesting in feeding piglets up to 16 kilos a few kilos of high-quality creep feed with specially selected and treated protein sources pays off in total profits in the end.

Koudijs romelko & creep concentrate also support your sows to manage a better energy balance

High prolific sows need maximum support, helping them to raise their piglets. Romelko creep feed gives a high feed intake ensuring a perfect preparation for weaning at a young age.

KPLC 50 stimulates the intestinal development of the piglets, ensuring vital growth and a good start before and after weaning. With this easy to mix concentrate you serve the sow and the piglet. A better start for the piglet in the most crucial time of life and support for the sow in times of negative energy balance. By more feed intake of the piglets, the required milk reduces for the sow and the energy requirement is more balanced. Check out our full assortment of Koudijs Romelko products, which are developed to support your piglets at a young age.



Figure 1 Creep feeding benefits piglet weaning weight in large litters and can increase weaning weight with 0.5 kg. Adapted from Kavanaugh at al. 1995.