Successful fattening is all about maximizing growth and meat quality whilst minimizing feed costs. A broad knowledge about the needs of the pigs and the nutritional valuation of feed ingredients, is the right foundation for the development of well-balanced concentrates with the use of locally available raw materials.

Geoffrey Mukama
Specialist Swine
Geoffrey Mukama
Specialist Swine

Pig fattening concentrates

We have well balanced concentrates for every stage based on the requirements of the pigs. Furthermore, we also developed a user friendly approach where you can use one concentrate for every growth period with a different inclusion level.

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The required average daily gain determines how many nutrients are required. However this is not the only parameter that determines the requirements as for example a gilt does require different energy and lysine levels compared to a boar to achieve the same gain. Also health status on farm has an effect on nutrient requirements. The previously mentioned factors do determine the daily requirements for nutrients and to come to a diet composition feed intake is important as well as it determines how dense a diet should be. All previously mentioned factors do finally determine how the diets and feeding schedules should look like. Ask your local sales representative to support you on defining the best feeding strategy (diets and feeding schedule) to achieve the requested average daily gain.

A cheap diet diet (feed cost / 100 kg) does not automatically mean it does result in the lowest feed cost/ kg gain. As probably the cheap diet is inbalanced and therefore 1 kg of the feed does provide less growth compared to a more expensive diet (feed cost / 100 kg), finally resulting a higher feed cost / 100 kg. The best feed cost / kg gain for a target gain is always achieved by supplying exactly the required amount of nutrients. An undersupply of the nutrients results in not achieving the set target for gain, while an oversupply of nutrients will result in a higher feed cost / kg gain as not all nutrients will be used while they still cost money. Your Koudijs specialist do have the knowledge to provide you the diets and feeding schedule advises to achieve your set targets with the most optimum nutrient supply.

It is possible to steer on lean meat and fat deposition via nutrition and management. In management it is more related to the delivery strategy (e.g. different ages). In nutrition there are several nutrients which do affect lean meat and fat deposition. For more information please contact your Koudijs advisor. 

Gastric ulcers are one of the main reasons for mortality in grower finisher pigs. The gastric ulcers are caused by low pH stomach fluid irritating the upper part of the stomach. This part of the stomach is less well protected against the acids. A reduction in gastric ulcers can be achieved via nutrition by creating a more stable "soup" in the stomach, which means not a liquid layer on top. This can be achieved by using specific fiber sources and next to that by using more coarsely grinded raw materials.