Koudijs concentrates deliver protection against mycotoxins

Your birds are (myco)guarded through Koudijs concentrates

At Koudijs we know that performance requires quality feed and good management. Mycotoxins hurt your farm performance if not taken care of properly. The raw materials are analyzed in our laboratories in Kampala and The Netherlands frequently. We learned that especially aflatoxins are present in most samples of maize bran and maize.

Aflatoxins are mycotoxins, which can damage the health and performance of your animals, impacting your farm's financial performance. To prevent the negative effects of mycotoxins we added a mycotoxin binder, called MycoGuard Focus, to de-activate these harmful aflatoxins. 

Mix your Koudijs concentrate as you are used to!

To keep the performance of your animals high, Koudijs had added MycoGuard Focus to the formulation. Just mix the concentrate according to the mixing instructions as you normally do and let the additional MycoGuard Focus do its work. Koudijs MycoGuard Focus consists of a carefully selected and thoroughly tested mixture of bentonite clays that ensure a fast and strong adsorption of aflatoxins, ensuring they are deactivated and cannot do more harm to your animals.  

  • If you use the KLC20, KLC10 or the KBC35 your birds are (myco)guarded through the concentrate
  • If you use the KLC5 we have MycoGuard available. Ask for it at your shop! MycoGuard Focus is selected to be the most effective to deactivate the mycotoxins that are most present in Uganda
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What can you do to further limit the risks?

Although the Koudijs concentrate will help de-activate aflatoxins, to further reduce the risks you can also take preventive actions. In many cases aflatoxins grow in raw materials that are not stored properly. 

Therefore it is important to store your raw materials in a place that is dry, cool and well ventilated:

  • Store on pallets
  • Keep space between stacks and walls

Other actions you can take

  • Koudijs can support you to test your raw materials on various mycotoxins and advise you on the appropriate use
  • Sieve/ clean raw materials before usage
  • Monitor animal performance and check for possible symptoms of mycotoxin contamination, for example a black tongue in layers
  • Check the dry matter content of the purchased raw materials and aim for a dry matter content above 88%. (>88% DM is considered mold-safe)

Where to buy Koudijs concentrates?

Elevate performance with Koudijs concentrates enhanced by MycoGuard focus

Keep your broilers' performance high by continuing to mix the trusted Koudijs concentrate, now with added MycoGuard Focus. This blend of bentonite clays ensures fast and strong adsorption of aflatoxins, making them harmless to your animals.